Why was Ben killed on Ozark? (2023)

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What was Ben killed in Ozark?

Ozark season 4 part 2 date announcement (Netflix)

Episode 10 of the Netflix drama's fourth and final season opened with a shock return for actor Tom Pelphrey as Wendy Byrde's late brother Ben, who was killed off-screen by Nelson (Nelson Bonilla) in season three after Wendy (Laura Linney) abandoned him at a restaurant.

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What's wrong with Ben in Ozark?

We learn from here that Ben is both mentally ill—he takes medication for his bipolar disorder—is the brother of Wendy Byrde (Laura Linney), and Ben comes down to the Ozarks to stay with the family.

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Why was Helen Pierce killed?

Season three of Ozark concluded with cartel lawyer Helen Pierce shot in the head by hitman Nelson (Nelson Bonilla). She was killed on the orders of the cartel after she seemed to fail at her task and her family started to discover the truth about her job.

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Was Ben a drug addict Ozark?

According to Wendy, Ben is missing and she uses a fabricated story about him being a drug addict as PR spin for the Byrde foundation. Darlene knows that isn't true and decides to provoke Wendy by plastering the town with posters of Ben's face.

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Who killed Wendy in Ozark?

Jonah Shot Wendy

Of the three ending possibilities, Jonah shooting his own mother is the one I'm buying the least amount of stock in. Think about it.

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Why did Wendy abandon Ben?

In Netflix's Ozark, one of the most tragic deaths was that of Ben. Due to his bipolar issues, Wendy let the cartel kill her brother, because he would have spilled their secrets -- exemplified by him outing Helen's very shady lawyer deals to her daughter, Erin.

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What did they do with Ben's baby on Ozark?

In season four, Darlene and Wyatt Langmore (Charlie Tahan) were raising the child until both of them were killed. Ruth Langmore (Julia Garner) then took Zeke after happening across Darlene and Wyatt's bodies. She eventually handed the child in to the authorities with Zeke eventually going into care.

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What did Wendy put in the milk?

Wendy slips inside after its new occupants go out for the evening and makes a little mischief, helping herself to a bottle of beer, putting food colouring in the milk and flipping a photograph of the family who lives there upside down.

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Who killed Navarro in Ozark?

A gun cocks, and Navarro realizes he's been betrayed. He fires his gun, but there's nothing in it. He gets shot by the guard, who calls it in as an escape attempt that the inmate didn't survive.

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How many times did Ruth say the F word in Ozark?

We hear the f-word 44 times with most instances coming from Ruth. We also hear the s-word five times and the c-word one time. In addition, “d–n,” “b–ch,” “d–k” and “a–” are used on multiple occasions. We hear one use of “h—.” God's name is misused nine times, and Jesus' name is inappropriately used once.

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What happens to Jonah in Ozark?

After he and Charlotte are guilted into staying with Marty and Wendy, and the four of them survive a horrible car accident, the family returns home. Jonah makes the surprising choice to attend the Byrde Family Foundation's fundraiser alongside the rest of his family.

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What drug does Rachel do in Ozark?

Petty also got Rachel addicted to Oxycontin, and there was a whole mess here, where she wound up getting heroin that originated from the Snell farm that Darlene had laced with Fentanyl, and Rachel wound up overdosing.

Why was Ben killed on Ozark? (2023)
Will Ben return on Ozark?

Pelphrey's character and performance were so beloved that, despite his death at the end of Season 3, fans were eager for Ben to return to Ozark for its final season, which he does, in unexpected ways.

How did Rachel get on drugs Ozark?

Petty (Jason Butler Harner) initially supplied her with OxyContin, but he eventually stopped. She was forced to turn to another supplier who sold her drugs laced with Fentanyl, on which she overdosed, but ultimately survived and was sent to a rehab facility in Miami.

Was Wendy pregnant in Ozark?

The final scenes reveal the life-and-death stakes of all of this, starting with Wendy being pregnant during the accident that opened the episode, cycling back to the theme of fate. And then Louis gets fired in front of Marty and Bruce.

Does Marty get killed in Ozark?

They got away with it. Master manipulator Wendy Byrde and her accountant husband, Marty (Laura Linney and Jason Bateman), are not dead, and they're not in jail at the end of Netflix's “Ozark” fourth and final season.

Do Wendy and Marty stay together?

Marty and Wendy, Still Together

Since the early days of Ozark, Mundy has maintained that the show is about family.

Does Wendy get Ben killed?

(To catch up: Wendy had Ben killed in Season 3, when it became clear he posed a risk of exposing her family.) Mel holds a goat-shaped jar containing Ben's ashes and tells the Byrdes he has all the DNA evidence he needs to send them to prison.

Is Wendy evil Ozark?

Type of Villain

Wendy Marie Byrde (née Davis) is the villainous deuteragonist of the thriller series Ozark. A former political staffer, Wendy and her husband Marty become involved in money laundering for the Navarro drug cartel. She was portrayed by Laura Linney in her first villainous role.

Why did Wendy set up her brother?

Wendy painfully realised that he was too great a liability and would put her and her children at risk if allowed to stay alive, so she turned him over to Helen's assassin. RIP, Ben, who ended up as a pile of ashes cremated at the Byrde funeral home.

Why did the preacher drown the baby in Ozark?

The killing was meant to send a message to Mason, who chose to stop preaching out on the water where the Snells had been selling their heroin in hollowed-out hymnals.

Who cremated Ben in Ozark?

Because of Ben being killed, Jonah aligns with Ruth and gives her Ben's ashes (because the Byrdes had him cremated). The emotional impact of Ben's death hits every character in a different way, but it's an event that truly shakes up their motivations in season 4.

What happened to the baby's mom in Ozark?

In season two Mason finally discovered in episode seven - titled One Way Out - the truth about Grace after he kidnapped Wendy (Laura Linney). While Mason held her hostage, Wendy revealed that Grace hadn't just left him and that she was killed by the Snells because she posed a threat to their heroin business.

What does the goat cookie jar mean to Ruth in Ozark?

She was so overcome with emotion and simply had to have it. And with the Goat cookie jar, Ruth has a physical manifestation of the non-physical that infects nearly everyone in Ozark: the death of dreams and ambition due to entanglement in this criminal underworld.

Is Netflix Ozark based on a true story?

Ozark is pure fiction, but award-winning journalist Sam Quinones knows there's nothing fake about the drug cartels. He's been reporting on them for almost 20 years. “I didn't mean to be doing this this long, honestly,” he shares. “One story leads to another.”

What did Wendy in Ozark put in the milk?

The episode ends with Wendy visiting the Byrdes' old house in Chicago. She finds her old spare key hiding spot and goes into the house. She makes a bed… Then drinks a beer from the fridge… and puts food coloring in their milk and turns their family photo upside down on the wall.

What did Wendy's dad do to her?

Wendy gets upset and leaves, revealing on the drive home that he forgot the other part of that story where he physically beat her so badly she couldn't walk. She tells Marty they've done far worse to their children and that without ensuring a relatively normal future, the kids will always resent them.

What episode does Wendy cheat on Marty?

The Big Sleep

Who ordered the hit on Omar?

It was Camila who ordered the hit on Omar Navarro. She is Omar's sister and Javi's mother. Camila is brought in to oversee and assume power of the cartel's operations while her brother is in prison. However, her ordering the hit on Omar proves that she has aspirations to control the cartel permanently.

What does the ending of Ozark mean?

In the end, they worked out a new deal to get themselves free from the cartel, but it wasn't easy. Oscar Navarro's sister, Camila, ultimately agreed to run the cartel under a verbal agreement with the FBI.

Why was Ruth tortured Ozark?

When Helen Pierce Tortured Her For The Cartel. The cartel goons led by Helen were just brutal. When they tortured Ruth for alleged snitching, viewers couldn't help but feel sorry for her. First, Ruth had been very loyal to Marty and even killed her own uncles for the cartel.

When did byrde cheat on Marty?

When we first start to get to know Wendy in Season 1, we learn that she was cheating on Marty and had plans to run away when things initially went south with Del (Esai Morales).

Does Jonah forgive Wendy?

It's an echo of the monologue in the car from his last episode, but somehow even more painful. “You think she'd be proud of me now?” he asks about Wendy even as she's the one who sent him to his impending death. He should be furious at Wendy, but he has nothing but forgiveness for her.

Who did Jonah point a gun at in Ozark?

“Sopranos” series ender, Jonah aimed a shotgun at pesky private investigator Mel Sattam (Adam Rothenberg), who broke into the Byrdes' lakefront house to steal the ceramic-goat cookie jar containing the ashes of Wendy's (Laura Linney) unstable brother, Ben Davis (Tom Pelphrey), contract-killed by his sister in Season 3.

Who all did Jonah shoot in Ozark?

Who did Jonah shoot in the Ozark series finale? While we may never see the aftermath of the conclusive gunshot (please give us a Season 5 or a movie), it's no surprise who was on the unfortunate end of it. Trash your fan theories; Jonah Byrde shot Mel Sattem.

How did Ruth get Ben's ashes Ozark?

Ozark Season 3 showed Ben (Tom Pelphrey) presumably meet a tragic end when his sister had him killed because of his erratic behavior. With Jonah (Skyler Gaertner) distraught over his mother's decision to take out his favorite uncle, he gives his ashes away to Ruth (Julia Garner).

Why did Ruth put Ben in a goat?

And Ruth loved that about him—and for doing all he could, Ben lost his life. He was never able to get that job, own that car, marry ruth, or live in a house that had goats. He'll spend eternity, now, instead, in that Goat cookie jar—and Ruth will always have a physical reminder of those broken dreams.

What did Ruth bury under her pool?

With Ruth already planning an overhaul of her living space, she buried Nelson's body at the bottom of a new pool - although Marty was quick to work out what had happened after the cartel had been alerted to his absence.

Who is buried under Ruth's Pool in Ozark?

Major spoilers ahead for Ozark season 4 part 2! Nelson Bonilla, who played the cartel hitman Nelson in the show, has spoken out on his shocking death in the final season. He was ultimately killed by Rachel Garrison (Jordana Spiro) and buried underneath the concrete of Ruth Langmore's (Julia Garner) swimming pool.

Who was buried under the Ozark pool?

Or she may have just been relieved that one of the cartel's worst associates, an assassin named Nelson, was now buried in the pool pit, having recently been shot and killed by Ruth's friend Rachel (Jordana Spiro) as a helpful preventative measure.

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