Why did schools ban 13 Reasons Why? (2023)

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Why was 13 Reasons Why banned from schools?

Banned from Anderson County (KY) Middle School libraries and classrooms by the superintendent after the Netflix series aired. Many viewers claim that the series based on the novel glamorizes teen suicide and unrealistically portrays relationships with adults and counselors.

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Who banned 13 Reasons Why?

As a series, it is available to watch on Netflix around the world, including the UK and the US, so it hasn't been banned on TV, apart from in New Zealand, where the New Zealand Office of Film and Literature banned under 18s watching it without an adult.

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What is the main problem in 13 Reasons Why?

The story is first and foremost about the tragedy of Hannah Baker's suicide, and the impact it has on the lives of her friends, family, and the school of Liberty High.

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Why did Thirteen Reasons Why get Cancelled?

According to Netflix, the show will end because it has reached the natural conclusion of its narrative arc. Season four “will feature the core cast's graduation from High School," which will be a "natural conclusion to the show.”

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Is thirteen reasons why appropriate for middle school?

Warning: Graphic Content

This rating means a show is unsuitable for anyone under the age of 17. According to Common Sense Media, the film graphically portrays bullying, rape, sexual assault, and suicide. Netflix ultimately removed the suicide scene due to complaints from mental health professionals.

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What is the list of banned books for 2022?

Banned Books Week 2022: Read Fearlessly
  • Slaughterhouse Five Or the Childrens… by Kurt Vonnegut. ...
  • The 1619 Project: A New Origin Story. by Nikole Hannah-Jones. ...
  • milk and honey. by Rupi Kaur. ...
  • Alchemist. by Paulo Coelho. ...
  • Court of Thorns & Roses 02 Court of… ...
  • Handmaids Tale Deluxe Edition. ...
  • The Left Hand of Darkness. ...
  • 1984.

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Is the 13 Reasons Why book inappropriate?

While many parents think that this book is inappropriate for younger readers due to its content on suicide, i believe that it is because of that very content that children 13 and up should be reading it. We are seeing a constant rise in bullying, especially cyber, and its no longer limited to the senior schools.

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What mental illness does Clay Jensen have?

Ellman doesn't call it out specifically, it seems Clay has a form of the disorder called psychogenic amnesia, which is the inability to recall personally significant memories. His condition is likely triggered by all the personal trauma and loss he's dealt with throughout the seasons.

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Why is 13 Reasons Why unrealistic?

That's a huge misrepresentation of the causes of suicide, and the many psychological variables that are involved.” The show romanticizes blaming bullies for a suicide, and in turn attempting to avenge oneself by bringing them down, as Baker does through the 13 tapes she leaves behind after her death.

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What was the controversial scene in 13 Reasons Why?

The graphic scene first aired during the season one finale and showed Langford cutting her wrist with a razor blade before bleeding out in a bathtub.

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Will 13 Reasons Why ever return?

The streamer explained in a statement that it was purely a creative decision to end the show after series four, which will "feature the core cast's graduation from High School" and therefore "a natural conclusion to the show".

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Did Netflix change the ending of 13 Reasons Why?

A scene in the show 13 Reasons Why that had shown actress Katherine Langford's character taking her own life has been edited out. Two years after it released the first season of the show 13 Reasons Why with a graphic suicide scene, Netflix has announced that it has edited it out.

Why did schools ban 13 Reasons Why? (2023)
Did Netflix change the last episode of 13 Reasons Why?

Netflix has modified an episode of the controversial series “13 Reasons Why” two years after its original airing, citing sensitivity to the “ongoing debate” that's been occurring regarding the show's depiction and characterization of teen suicide.

What grade are the students in 13 Reasons Why?

13 Reasons Why revolves around high school sophomores—kids too young to vote or drink or even drive.

What issues does 13 Reasons Why address?

13 Reasons Why is a fictional drama series that tackles tough real-life issues experienced by teens and young people, including sexual assault, substance abuse, bullying, suicide, gun violence and more.

Why is 13 Reasons Why Rated R?

Mature Content

13 Reasons Why Season 4 shows and discusses many mature topics including murder, police brutality, alcohol and drug use, sex, vandalism, AIDS, mental illness, and death. One of the most disturbing scenes to watch is a school shooting drill that is set up so everyone thinks it's real.

What is the number 1 most banned book?

What Is the Most Banned Book in America? For all time, the most frequently banned book is 1984 by George Orwell.

Why is Charlotte's Web banned?

Charlotte's Web by E.B. White

Due to themes of death and the fact that the main characters are talking animals, a parent group in Kansas sought to ban the book from their students' school libraries.

Why is the color purple banned?

“The Color Purple” by Alice Walker has been banned in schools all over the country since 1984, due to its graphic sexual content and situations of violence and abuse. While “The Color Purple” contains a lot of controversial content, it's necessary to the story and is what makes the book so real and unique.

Who was Hannah sexting in 13 Reasons Why?

Hannah Had A Texting Romance With Justin

In reality, Tyler (Devin Druid) revealed that Hannah was sexting with Justin after the photo was taken, and later, we learn that Hannah and Justin secretly kept up the digital flirting for weeks...

Why is 13 Reasons Why rated 18+?

Scenes of strong sexual violence in these episodes, including one in which a teenager rapes another whilst she is unconscious, also took the episodes to 18.

What age is what not to love book appropriate for?

14 - 17 Years

What mental illness does Justin Foley have?

How Depression Can Lead to Substance Abuse and Drug Addiction. As part of new character development, former basketball star Justin Foley develops an addiction to heroin as a result of his depression from the tapes. Clay spends a significant part of season two trying to get Justin clean so that he can testify in court.

What mental illness did Hannah Baker have?

Hannah has symptoms of depression and posttraumatic stress disorder; she may also have antisocial personality disorder or borderline personality disorder.

Why did Clay Jensen get a semicolon tattoo?

The semicolon holds a special meaning, especially for the cast of 13 Reasons Why, because of its mental health significance. Project Semicolon — which was founded by Amy Bluel, who died by suicide — has made the punctuation mark a symbol for mental health and suicide prevention.

What mental illness is shown in 13 Reasons Why?

This series also depicts that Hannah's suicide was driven by how others treated her and therefore her death was caused by others however in reality, her death was caused by a severe mental illness, whether it was depression, bipolar disorder, an eating disorder or anxiety.

Is 13 Reasons Why season 3 boring?

It just feels incredibly exploitative. If you want to have a show that helps you, go elsewhere. Every season, the number of women in the cast shrinks, and they're replaced with more tortured boys in increasingly violent situations.... It's just more blatant about it now.

What problems did Hannah Baker have?

A series of traumatic events in Hannah's life pushes her to commit suicide. Hannah was a troubled girl dealing with rumours, bullying and disappointment in relationships. High school took a toll on her mental well-being with a number of events directly affecting her, including sexual abuse.

Which episode of 13 Reasons Why is the bathroom scene?


Why is it called Thirteen Reasons Why?

Guilt and blame. That's what's up with the title. Thirteen Reasons Why points to the thirteen incidents that Hannah says are most to blame for her death. Each of these incidents features one of the twelve people who receive her audio-taped suicide note.

Why was clay on the tapes?

Hannah went on to say that Clay didn't actually belong on the list at all. However, he needed to be there as he was a part of her story. Plus, she wanted him to hear her side - which he may not have, had the tapes merely gone through the others.

Why did Netflix take off season 4 of 13 Reasons Why?

Netflix executives were warned by professionals that 13 Reasons Why's graphic portrayal of suicide went against every guideline on how to handle the delicate subject matter. Still, Netflix and Yorkey left the scene in.

Did they remove the bathtub scene in 13 Reasons Why?

More than two years later, Netflix announced on Tuesday that it made the decision to cut that scene entirely. In a newly edited version of the Season 1 finale that replaced the old version, Hannah (played by Katherine Langford) looks at her reflection in the bathroom mirror.

Whose funeral is at the end of 13 Reasons Why?

The final season of 13 Reasons Why is structured around the funeral of one of the show's characters, but it's not until the finale that the identity of the deceased is revealed: Justin Foley (Brandon Flynn), Clay's adopted brother.

Did they take the broom scene out of 13 Reasons Why?

The extremely graphic and distressing moment brings the first instalment to a close and although fans knew to expect it, the scene garnered a lot of criticism. As a result, Netflix and creator Brian Yorkey have edited the moment out of the show completely.

Why did 13 Reasons Why remove Hannah's death scene?

Netflix said the decision had been made "on the advice of medical experts". The first series of the show featured a graphic depiction of Hannah (Katherine Langford) taking her own life.

Who is leaving the photos in 13 Reasons Why?

The three Polaroids all come from a box that Bryce Walker used to own, after he took the photos he would put them in a box and save them. We learn that Zach is the one giving it to him in "Smile, Bitches". When confronted why he didn't just talk to Clay about them, Zach replied because he was a coward.

Who was leaving the notes in 13 Reasons Why?

So, who is the person responsible? Montgomery "Monty" de la Cruz. We discover in the final two episodes that Monty, a popular baseball player and Bryce's BFF, is the one who's been sneaking around and stealing things, vandalizing property, and making death threats.

What is controversial about 13 Reasons Why?

The show is centered on the suicide of fictional teen Hannah Baker, and the first season's finale shows her taking her own life. Several organizations, including the National Association of School Psychologists, raised concerns that it could romanticize suicide for vulnerable teens.

Why did Hannah Baker's parents sue the school?

The Bakers believed that Liberty High School (part of Evergreen County School District) was responsible for failing to see the signs that their daughter, Hannah Baker, needed help. Liberty High School believed that they were not responsible for her suicide as they did all they could to help her.

What is the controversial scene in 13 Reasons Why?

Hannah's suicide

The show received a HUGE backlash for airing a three minute scene which saw in graphic detail the troubled teen slit her wrists before dying in a bath. After an outcry from viewers, the horrific scene has now been altered and doesn't show her cutting her wrists.

Did they take the bathtub scene out of 13 Reasons Why?

More than two years later, Netflix announced on Tuesday that it made the decision to cut that scene entirely. In a newly edited version of the Season 1 finale that replaced the old version, Hannah (played by Katherine Langford) looks at her reflection in the bathroom mirror.

What Mental Illness Does Clay have in 13 Reasons Why?

We look at how, despite insisting its mantra is to shed a light on real-world issues, 13 Reasons Why continues to ignore Clay Jensen's schizophrenia.

Who was most responsible for Hannah Baker's death?

Hannah made the choice to commit suicide, yes, but while everyone on the tapes played a role in Hannah's decline, it's so clear by watching S1 that Bryce truly broke her.

What was Hannah Baker's Secret?

In reality, Tyler (Devin Druid) revealed that Hannah was sexting with Justin after the photo was taken, and later, we learn that Hannah and Justin secretly kept up the digital flirting for weeks... though Justin was "too embarrassed" to be seen in public with someone with Hannah's reputation.

Do Hannah's parents hear the tapes?

Tony Tells Hannah's Parents the Truth

Despite trying to stay true to his promise of keeping her secrets, Tony decides to tell Hannah's parents about Hannah's tapes and provides them with a copy of them for them to listen to their daughter's words. At the end of the series, they are seen listening to her tapes.

What was Hannah Baker's mental illness?

Hannah has symptoms of depression and posttraumatic stress disorder; she may also have antisocial personality disorder or borderline personality disorder.

What did the counselor do wrong in 13 Reasons Why?

He blatantly ignored Hannah's explicit statement that she wanted it all to end and told her to just move on from being raped by Bryce. As a result, Mr. Porter is the final reason for why Hannah chose to end her life and according to Clay could've stopped it completely had he done his job. Mr.

Are there graphic scenes in 13 Reasons Why?

When her parents find her, the bathtub she is in is red with blood. This is for sure one of the most graphic scenes of the show, and most disturbing. However, after backlash, Netflix removed the suicide scene, and all we see is the aftermath.

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