Who does Justin end up with on brothers and sisters? (2023)

Who does Justin end up with brothers and sisters?

Rebecca and Justin are now engaged at the end of season 3, episode Mexico.

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What happens to Justin at the end of brothers and sisters?

Justin, after Robert's heart situation, told Rebecca that he wanted to become a doctor in the first place. In the next episodes we see him applying for a series of universities, and he even got a recommendation letter from Robert. Later we see that he was accepted.

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Does Justin and Rebecca stay together?

After Rebecca and Justin got married in the fourth season, and after Holly Harper, Rebecca's mother, fell victim to memory loss, Rebecca filed for a divorce when Justin returned to the army for a third and final time.

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Who does Kitty Walker end up with?

The two of them nevertheless started dating soon after. Most recently after the campaign helicopter that she and Robert were scheduled to fly on crashed, Kitty asked McCallister to marry her. Later, the Senator proposed and Kitty accepted.

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Does Harper and Justin get together?

She previously has an obvious crush on Justin (which was used for comedy on the show) that freaked Justin out. She would get jealous of every girl that he dated/had a crush on. However, she started dating Zeke in Season 3 and 4. She is portrayed by Jennifer Stone.

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Did Joe Kiss Rebecca brothers and sisters?

Rebecca later confided to Sarah's brother Justin, telling him that Joe had kissed her during their guitar lesson. Justin confronted Joe, stating that Joe must tell Sarah about the incident or Justin would.

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What happens to Justin at the end?

In the final episode, Justin dies, surrounded by friends and family, after contracting pneumonia and meningitis. His funeral was the one that had been shown every episode. See the full gallery.

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Do Justin and Jess end up together?

After fighting the authorities about the presence of SROs taking responsibility for causing the riot, Jessica truly becomes a leader of the school. She gets back together with Justin shortly before he's diagnosed with HIV and tragically passes away.

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Who does Kevin marry in brothers and sisters?

The loneliness of Saul's life led Kevin to realize just how special his relationship with Scotty was. When he returned home, he proposed marriage (domestic partnership) to Scotty, even getting down on one knee. Scotty, moved by Kevin's words, happily said yes. As of the second season finale they are married.

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Why does Rebecca leave brothers and sisters?

Television viewers last saw VanCamp as Rebecca on Brothers & Sisters where her departure in its last season generated plenty of headlines. “It was a decision based on the fact that I felt creatively unfulfilled,” VanCamp, 25, tells The Hollywood Reporter. “I felt my character had run its course,” she continues.

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Who does Nora end up with on brothers and sisters?

She starts dating again. Nora considers moving away from Pasadena but ultimately decides to stay where her family is centered. She begins to date a political friend of Kitty's, Isaac Marshall (played by Danny Glover), who is a widower with five children of his own.

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Does Tommy marry rose on brothers and sisters?

He is portrayed by Balthazar Getty.
Tommy Walker (Brothers & Sisters)
In-universe information
SiblingsSarah Laurent (sister) Kitty Walker (sister) Kevin Walker (brother) Justin Walker (brother) Rebecca Harper(half-sister)
SpouseJulia Walker (2004-2009) Rose (fiancée)
ChildrenWilliam Walker II (son) Elizabeth Walker (daughter)
3 more rows

Who does Justin end up with on brothers and sisters? (2023)
Do Rebecca and Justin have babies?

The fact that Tommy and Julia's daughter Elizabeth is confirmed to be Kevin's biological child seems to support this. Justin later fathers a child to Rebecca, but she miscarries.

Does Kitty stay with Seth?

Kitty ends her relationship with Seth when she goes to DC, under the pretense of business meetings. However, after following her there, Nora and Sarah discover that she has been seeing a specialist due to complications from her bone marrow transplant.

Does Kitty and Matt end up together?

A: Matt Dillon (James Arness) and Kitty (Amanda Blake) never married during the series 1955-75 run, although close watchers of the show were convinced they had connected at some time. But in a 1973 episode, Matt had a brief affair with another woman, Mike Yardner (Michael Learned), while he had amnesia.

Who does Harper end up with?

Zeke and Harper do kiss at the end, however. In Harperella, Harper goes into a Cinderella-like world and Zeke is the prince, showing that their love is true love, like the prince and Cinderella.

Does Justin end up with Juliet?

Juliet then convinced Justin to eventually turn to the dark side and give up his powers, but the wizards were able to defeat Gorog forever. Juliet survives and gets back together with Justin.

Why did Max get turned into a girl?

Maxine Russo was an alter-ego of Max Russo that was created when Alex and Justin crossed spells and created and transformed Max into a little girl. The cover-up story the Russo's came up with to explain Maxine's existence is that Maxine is their cousin from North Dakota.

Do Tommy and Julia get divorced?

After an emotional thanks to the Walker family, she leaves, taking Elizabeth. In Season 4, Tommy moves to Seattle to be with Elizabeth and he and Julia officially divorce.

What episode does Rebecca marry Justin?

"Brothers & Sisters" A Righteous Kiss (TV Episode 2010) - IMDb.

Do Kitty and Robert get divorced?

Robert met Kitty on the set of her talk show Red, White, & Blue. Since he was impressed with Kitty, Robert asked her to be his communications director which she accepted.
Robert McCallister
CauseCar accident
SpouseCourtney McCallister - Divorced Kitty Walker - Widow
2 more rows

Does Justin Stay with Clay?

He was released to attend Hannah's wake and Clay told Justin that Clay's parents wanted to adopt him. In the third season, Justin was released from Juvie and lived permanently with Clay and his parents, he came back to Liberty High and was back on the football team.

What episode does Justin get out of jail?

Season 1. In Chin Check, Justin is released from prison, being met by Erin whom he is excited to see but not surprised his father didn't appear.

Why did Justin take the sheets off his bed?

When something bad happens in life. Wherever you grieve, it needs to be isolated and in Justin's case, the sheets off the bed represent that he wants to be alone and doesn't need anything with him.

Did Jessica sleep with Justin?

He is sentenced to probation and juvenile detention and to help him get (and stay) clean, Clay's parents officially adopt him. Later, at the Spring Fling dance, Justin and Jessica run into each other and have sex in the locker room.

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