What age is Alex Life is strange? (2023)

How old is Alex supposed to be in Life is Strange?

Alex is 21 in the main game putting her at around 9 when her father died, however flashbacks indicate that he was still alive and present in her live up until she was 11, two years after he supposedly died.

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Is Alex a girl Life is Strange?

Let us explain… Life is Strange: True Colors is out now! This new entry in the narrative adventure series is an all-new, self-contained story that focuses on Alex Chen - a young woman with a mysterious power, on the search for answers in the seeming idyllic town on Haven Springs.

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Was Alex in Life is Strange 1?

Alexandra "Alex" Chen is a character from the Life Is Strange video game series published by Square Enix. Created by American developer Deck Nine, she first appears in the 2021 video game Life Is Strange: True Colors as its main protagonist.

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Does Alex get with Ryan or Steph?

Alex can date either Steph or Ryan, and that's something you'll need to choose by way of different dialogue options. There are two important choices you'll have to make to cinch Steph as a romantic option. Those are the following: Give Steph a rose.

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Does Steve and Alex have a gender?

While Minecraft creator, Notch, has explained that there's no gender in Minecraft, many players think of Steve as male and Alex as female. When Notch created the Alex skin, it was made to have thinner arms but is otherwise just as blocky as the Steve skin.

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Is Alex a fairy?

After defeating the Evil Queen, Alex found out she is part fairy and is related to the Fairy Godmother.

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Did Mac ignore Gabe's call?

Chapter 1: Side A

Mac comes to Gabe's apartment and confronts Gabe over his talk with Riley, as he believes he is trying to take her away from him. Gabe tries to clear up the misunderstanding, but Mac ignores and attacks him.

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Did Alex hear Gabe call?

Turns out he did receive Gabe's call saying he, Alex, and Ryan were up in the mountains looking for Ethan at the time of the ill-fated blast. He attempted to have the blast called off, only for Typhon to ignore him and later coerce Mac into publicly denying the call.

What race is Alex true colors?

While she's of Asian descent, her ancestry doesn't really factor into her personality or hobbies. Alex could've been any other race, and the story of Life is Strange: True Colors would likely play out just the same.

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Can Alex romance Ryan?

In order to have Alex romance Ryan in Life is Strange: True Colors, there are two major actions players must take. At the Haven Spring Festival, make sure Alex gives Ryan a rose. This can be done after you're finished exploring and talking with Steph and Ryan.

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What happens if you kiss Steph?

Offer her the rose, then she'll ask to meet up after the show and invite you to come to the rooftop. While on the roof with Steph, choosing to kiss her will complete her romance branch. Players can still go through the romance options with Steph but not end up with her.

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How do I get Ryan to believe Alex?

If one of these requirements isn't met, players can help Ryan believe Alex if they: Romance him (Give him the rose and kiss him on the rooftop during the Spring Festival) Back-up Ryan's claim that Alex heard Gabe's call in Chapter 2. Hug Ryan in Chapter 2.

What age is Alex Life is strange? (2023)
Is Alex in Life is Strange: True Colors?

Voice Actor

Alexandra Chen (born: July 10th, 1997), better known simply as "Alex", is the main protagonist of Life is Strange: True Colors. After eight years apart, Alex reunites with her brother Gabe Chen and establishes a new life in the midwestern town of Haven Springs, Colorado.

Is Max a girl in Life is Strange?

Maxine "Max" Caulfield is a fictional character from the Life Is Strange video game series published by Square Enix.
Max Caulfield
Age13 (Farewell) 14 (Before The Storm) 18 (Life Is Strange) 19-21 (Comic Series) 22 (Life Is Strange 2) 23 (Wavelengths)
Height5'5" (1.65m)
11 more rows

Who is Alex based off of in Life is Strange?

Maia says she looked to her own life as inspiration for her portrayal of Alex. Both she and Alex identify as LGBTQ+ and Asian American.

Is Alex Steve's GF?

You have a chance of spawning as either of them when starting a new game, though it varies depending on the version you're playing. According to Lego Club Magazine, Steve and Alex are dating. Steve has a penchant for mining, building and alchemy. Alex also likes building, but otherwise prefers exploring and hunting.

Does Steve have a crush on Alex?

It starts off by him being called into the Mojang office by Notch to meet Alex. Right when he meets her, Steve falls in love with her and is unable to talk because he is so amazed, which in turn offends Alex, as she storms off to kill Steve.

Is Alex a unisex name?

A true unisex name, Alex is a popular pick for both sexes. As a short form of Alexander or Alexandra, meaning "defender of mankind," Alex retains its classic roots while still being modern and independent.

Is Alex the Villain?

I was cured alright! Alex DeLarge (last name in the movie only) is the protagonist villain of the 1962 book A Clockwork Orange originally written by the late Anthony Burgess, and its 1971 live action film adaptation of the same name directed by the late Stanley Kubrick.

How old is Alex in the Land of Stories?

Plot Summary. It has been over a year since 13-year-old twins Alex and Conner Bailey learned that their late father came from the Land of Stories, a place where all the characters from nursery rhymes and fairy tales live.

Who is Alex in Naruto?

Alex the Alligator is the swimming member of the New Freedom Fighters and the best friend of Vector the Crocodile.

Can Gabe's death be avoided?

The answer to the question of whether you can save Gabe Chen in Life Is Strange: True Colors is no, you cannot. The reason for this is because Gabe's death is a key plot device that helps further the story along.

Why does Jed shoot Alex?

At the end of chapter four, it's revealed that Ryan's father Jed, who has essentially been your caretaker since Gabe's death, is at the center of the game's mystery. He shoots Alex in an effort to kill her and cover up the truth.

Was Gabe called mine?

Jed: Son, now is not the time. Ryan: Gabe called the mine.

Do I take the money for Ethan or turn it down?

That said, this choice will not influence any of those sceanrios later on and Charlotte will not react any differently to you later in the game regarding whether you convince her to take or leave the money, nor will Ethan. This is simply up to the player's preference and how you wish build your version of Alex.

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