Is Rebecca in Brothers & Sisters Williams daughter? [Solved] (2022)

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Is Rebecca in Brothers & Sisters Williams daughter?

It also indulged in soapy tropes, including the discovery of William's secret love child Rebecca, played by Emily VanCamp, later followed by the revelation that she didn't share Walker DNA after all, and so was free to marry Nora's son Justin (Dave Annable).... read more ›

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How do they find out Rebecca is not a Walker?

Rebecca then meets David, an old friend of Holly's, which leads to her discovery that she is not in fact a Walker and that David is her real father. After trying to hide this from the Walkers, in fear of being rejected, she finally comes clean and each of them tells her that she will always be part of the family.... view details ›

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What happens to Rebecca on Brothers and Sisters?

They end things for good and everything is final. Rebecca leaves for New York and leaves Justin devastated.... see details ›

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Does Holly ever remember Rebecca?

She's unable to remember her daughter Rebecca, and believes that she is still with William. Justin attempts to help Holly remember Rebecca and her memories but when he does she takes 10 steps back into forgetting. Eventually she gets somewhat better and moves to New York with David.... see more ›

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Did Joe Kiss Rebecca brothers and sisters?

Rebecca later confided to Sarah's brother Justin, telling him that Joe had kissed her during their guitar lesson. Justin confronted Joe, stating that Joe must tell Sarah about the incident or Justin would.... view details ›

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Do Justin and Rebecca get divorced?

In the start of season 5, Justin returns from the army to find that Rebecca has moved out and reveals to the Walkers that they divorced because Justin went back to the army blaming himself for not saving Robert, leaving Rebecca to deal with the problems of her mother on her own. They later come to an understanding.... continue reading ›

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What is Rebecca's secret?

In the finale, Rebecca meets up with Matheus, her match, to confess that she killed Ben.... view details ›

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What was Rebecca's Secret in Rebecca?

Rebecca proceeded to tell him that she might tame her behavior anyway; she was pregnant with Favell's child, which everyone would assume was Maxim's child, and which she would raise as heir to Manderley.... continue reading ›

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Who does Rebecca see when she dies?

During Tuesday's penultimate episode of NBC's “This Is Us,” the Pearson family gathered to see Rebecca (Mandy Moore) one last time on her deathbed. During the hour, as the family each said their goodbyes, Rebecca, in her dreams, saw Randall's biological father, William (Ron Cephas Jones).... continue reading ›

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Why did Rebecca leave brothers and sisters?

Television viewers last saw VanCamp as Rebecca on Brothers & Sisters where her departure in its last season generated plenty of headlines. “It was a decision based on the fact that I felt creatively unfulfilled,” VanCamp, 25, tells The Hollywood Reporter. “I felt my character had run its course,” she continues.... read more ›

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Who does Rebecca marry in brothers and sisters?

Justin became a paramedic in the fifth and final season, in which he also turned 30 years old in. After Rebecca and Justin got married in the fourth season, and after Holly Harper, Rebecca's mother, fell victim to memory loss, Rebecca filed for a divorce when Justin returned to the army for a third and final time.... see details ›

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Does Kitty leave brothers and sisters?

After another failed attempt to make him change his mind, Kitty apologized in front of her audience. Even though she admitted she had made a mistake, she didn't regret it and decided to leave the show. Robert was nonetheless impressed by her frankness.... see details ›

Is Rebecca in Brothers & Sisters Williams daughter? [Solved] (2022)

Does Tommy marry rose on brothers and sisters?

He is portrayed by Balthazar Getty.
Tommy Walker (Brothers & Sisters)
In-universe information
SiblingsSarah Laurent (sister) Kitty Walker (sister) Kevin Walker (brother) Justin Walker (brother) Rebecca Harper(half-sister)
SpouseJulia Walker (2004-2009) Rose (fiancée)
ChildrenWilliam Walker II (son) Elizabeth Walker (daughter)
3 more rows

Does Nora marry on brothers and sisters?

Nora Walker is a fictional character on the ABC television series Brothers & Sisters.
Nora Walker.
In-universe information
BrothersSaul Holden
SpouseWilliam Walker ​ ​ ( m. 1967; died 2006)​
SonsTommy Walker Kevin Walker Justin Walker
DaughtersSarah Laurent Kitty Walker
5 more rows

What happened to Kevin and scottys baby on brothers and sisters?

He was born via surrogate from Scotty and Kevin's good friend, Michelle. However, Michelle is not Daniel's biological mother, shbitchesd was just the carrier. Both Scotty and Kevin thought that Michelle had lost this baby by a miscarriage. In reality, she hid the fact that she was pregnant and carried the baby to term.... see more ›

Is Brody Sarah's father?

After finding out Nick Brody is her biological father, Sarah has a bit of an identity crisis and her relationship with her mother, Nora becomes rather rocky. Sarah does eventually make-up with her mother and right before she is about to walk down the aisle to marry Luc, she finds Brody parked outside in his RV.... continue reading ›

Do Tommy and Julia get divorced?

After an emotional thanks to the Walker family, she leaves, taking Elizabeth. In Season 4, Tommy moves to Seattle to be with Elizabeth and he and Julia officially divorce.... read more ›

Who does Sarah Walker end up with?

Throughout the rest of Season 4, Sarah becomes more accepting of the concept of marriage and normalcy and ultimately Chuck and Sarah are married by the end of Season 4.... see more ›

Did Justin leave his wife?

According to Chrishell, Justin informed her of their divorce via text message. During episode 6 of season 3, Chrishell tells co-star Mary Fitzgerald that Justin informed her of their split via text.... see more ›

Does Rebecca remarry?

Since Season 1, Episode 2 of This Is Us, fans have known Rebecca wound up remarried to Jack's ride-or-die BFF, Miguel Rivas. The revelation was part of the opening salvo of shocking twists the show introduced before digging into the past.... continue reading ›

Who does Rebecca fall in love with?

Italy, 1114. After fleeing France, the Mikaelson siblings eventually settled in Italy, where Rebekah befriended, and fell in love with, a Vampire Hunter named Alexander.... see details ›

What is the real ending of Rebecca?

Maxim and Mrs. de Winter are free and together, but at what cost? Mrs. de Winter describes them as having a feelingless existence, living sparely, eating moderately, avoiding all excitement, and never talking about the past. Not quite the life they had hoped for.... see details ›

What did they do with Rebecca's body?

Assassination of Lila Stangard. It's revealed that Bonnie suffocated Rebecca with a plastic bag, because Bonnie believed that she killed Lila and wanted to protect Annalise. Frank later disposes Rebecca's body in the woods.... continue reading ›

Did Maxim love his second wife?

Maxim then reveals the truth to his second wife—he was not in love with Rebecca. She was cruel and manipulative, and soon after their wedding she began having numerous affairs.... see details ›

Who was the other body in Rebecca?

However, at the moment Mrs de Winter is about to jump, a trawler washes up on the shore with Rebecca's body on board, despite the fact that Maxim previously identified a body as his wife months earlier. Following the discovery, Maxim reveals to Mrs de Winter what really happened to Rebecca.... see details ›

Did Maxim ever love Rebecca?

Maxim did not love Rebecca. He had never loved her, never, never. They had never known one moment's happiness together.... see more ›

Does Kate get before Rebecca dies?

But the emotional sucker-punch doesn't come until the end. She's arrived at the train's caboose but insists she can't go in because she's waiting for someone. That someone is Kate, who in real life bursts into Rebecca's room to say goodbye before Rebecca passes away.... see details ›

Is Kate alive when Rebecca dies?

While this episode didn't include a flash-forward to the family at Rebecca's bedside, it did reveal that Kate is alive. In fact, she's still alive far past that, when Jack is an adult.... continue reading ›

Who is the father of deja baby This Is Us?

Deja texts the father to tell him the news, but he isn't revealed until later in the episode—when he rushes into Deja's room in the middle of the night. It's Malik, all grown up and very successful. He tells Deja that he's loved her since he was 16 years old and wants this baby with her.... view details ›

Why did the character Tommy leave brothers and sisters?

Brothers and Sisters

Sources confirm to me exclusively that Balthazar Getty—who appeared in a reduced number of episodes last season—will not be returning to the show. Per a B&S source, Getty's departure was a creative decision. I'm told Tommy's absence will be explained in the Sept.... continue reading ›

Why did Kitty leave brothers and sisters in season 5?

Kitty begins the season refusing to leave the side of a comatose Robert, convinced he'll wake up, despite the rest of the family's doubts. She finally decides to say goodbye after encouragement from Justin. After this, she decides to rent a cottage in Ojai to rediscover herself.... view details ›

Why did Ryan leave brothers and sisters?

In an April 2010 interview, David Marshall Grant, the Brothers and Sisters show runner, stated the Ryan character was not working within the context of the show, and the character would not be returning.... read more ›

Is Rebekah and Rebecca the same person?

In the Authorized Version of the 1600s, the spelling Rebekah is used in the Old Testament (Genesis) and the Latin "Rebecca" (representing Greek Bible Ῥεβέκκα) was retained in the New Testament (see Romans 9:10).... continue reading ›

Do Kitty and Robert get divorced?

Robert met Kitty on the set of her talk show Red, White, & Blue. Since he was impressed with Kitty, Robert asked her to be his communications director which she accepted.
Robert McCallister
CauseCar accident
SpouseCourtney McCallister - Divorced Kitty Walker - Widow
2 more rows

Did Rebecca and Jack have triplets?

On January 20, 1980, Rebecca and Jack end up conceiving the triplets while celebrating the Steelers' Super Bowl victory. Though Rebecca is shocked because she planned to be further along in her career and life goals before having kids, she is ultimately happy to start a family.... view details ›

Is Rebecca in season 5 of brothers and Sisters?

The Walkers are losing another family member: Emily VanCamp is leaving Brothers & Sisters. The actress will return for "two or three episodes" next season to wrap up her storyline as Rebecca before bidding adieu for good, she tells Entertainment Weekly.... see details ›

Does Julia leave Tommy on brothers and Sisters?

Tell us about your last episode as a full-time cast member.

Julia leaves Tommy and makes a choice for herself. I like seeing that from her because she hasn't been the 'do things for herself' type of character until this moment.... view details ›

When did Calista Flockhart leave brothers and Sisters?

Brothers & Sisters

The show was cancelled in May 2011 after running for five years. Flockhart's character was significant throughout the series' first four years, but her appearances were reduced for the 2010–2011 season, coinciding with the departure of TV husband Rob Lowe.... read more ›

Do Rebecca and Justin get together on brothers and sisters?

Justin became a paramedic in the fifth and final season, in which he also turned 30 years old in. After Rebecca and Justin got married in the fourth season, and after Holly Harper, Rebecca's mother, fell victim to memory loss, Rebecca filed for a divorce when Justin returned to the army for a third and final time.... see more ›

Does Rebecca have a sister?

We first meet Rebecca's sister donning little pigtails in Season 1. She and Rebecca are playing on the floor, while their mom tells them to pack up their dolls and move out of the way.... see more ›

Who is Sarah father in brothers and sisters?

It's not like one-hour photo processing. In what universe is a DNA test available with same-day service? Oh well, I'm still reeling from that intense Scotty/Kevin scene, so I guess we'll just let it slide. Nora opens the envelope - Brody is indeed Sarah's father.... read more ›

Who is the 3rd Williams sister?

The tennis stars have three half-sisters on their mother's side, Yetunde, Lyndrea, and Isha Price. Yetunde Price, aged 31, died in 2003 after she was reportedly mistakenly killed in Compton near a suspected gang house.... view details ›

Is Dart Rebecca's brother?

In the epilogue, she still doesn't know that Dart was her long lost brother five years ago considering the support conversations between Dart and Wil.... read more ›

Does Rebecca have a child?

Rebecca (/rɪˈbɛkə/) appears in the Hebrew Bible as the wife of Isaac and the mother of Jacob and Esau. According to biblical tradition, Rebecca's father was Bethuel the Aramean from Paddan Aram, also called Aram-Naharaim.... read more ›

Who did Sarah gave birth to?

Yahweh then told Abraham that Sarah would give to him a son. Sarah, then ninety years old, laughed at this idea. But, as prophesied, she became pregnant with Isaac and she nursed him herself.... continue reading ›

Who is the most successful Williams sister?

Venus has won 49 singles titles over the course of her career, and Serena won 73. The Williams sisters are the only two women during the Open Era to contest four consecutive major finals: from the 2002 French Open to the 2003 Australian Open. Serena won all four of these finals.... see details ›

What happened to the 5th Williams sister?

Yetunde Hawanya Tara Price (August 9, 1972 – September 14, 2003) was the oldest half-sister of and personal assistant to the leading tennis players Venus and Serena Williams. In 2003, Price was murdered in a shooting in Compton, California, United States.... see details ›

Who was better Serena or Venus?

Venus has five Olympic medals (one silver, four gold), the most won by any tennis player, male or female, in the Open era. Serena ranks second, with four gold medals.... read more ›

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