How was Ben Davis killed in Ozark? (2023)

Is Wendy's brother still alive?

Ozark season 4 part 2 date announcement (Netflix)

Episode 10 of the Netflix drama's fourth and final season opened with a shock return for actor Tom Pelphrey as Wendy Byrde's late brother Ben, who was killed off-screen by Nelson (Nelson Bonilla) in season three after Wendy (Laura Linney) abandoned him at a restaurant.

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What does Ben from Ozark suffer from?

That exceedingly complex subject was broached with the appearance of Wendy's oft-wayward brother Ben Davis (Tom Pelphrey), whose struggles with bipolar disorder served as an integral part of the storytelling in Season 3.

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What did Ben tell Erin?

He tells Erin, Helen's daughter, that her mother is a lawyer for Omar Navarro, which triggers Helen to give the order to have Ben killed— for the purpose of not allowing Ben to reveal anything about the operation.

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Did Jonah shoot Wendy?

Jonah Shot Wendy

We know that Jonah makes more than a few questionable decisions during Ozark's four seasons, but do you really think that the kid has that level of villainy in him?

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Does Ben return in Ozark?

In the episode “You're The Boss,” Pelphrey returns as Ben's final moments, where he apologizes to and forgives his sister, are depicted. Ben's last words are: “This is a dream.” Pelphrey first began acting in high school, after getting a little part in a school play, where he connected with the theater teacher.

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Why did Wendy abandon Ben?

In Netflix's Ozark, one of the most tragic deaths was that of Ben. Due to his bipolar issues, Wendy let the cartel kill her brother, because he would have spilled their secrets -- exemplified by him outing Helen's very shady lawyer deals to her daughter, Erin.

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What did they do with Ben's baby on Ozark?

In season four, Darlene and Wyatt Langmore (Charlie Tahan) were raising the child until both of them were killed. Ruth Langmore (Julia Garner) then took Zeke after happening across Darlene and Wyatt's bodies. She eventually handed the child in to the authorities with Zeke eventually going into care.

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What happens to Wendy in Ozark?

They got away with it. Master manipulator Wendy Byrde and her accountant husband, Marty (Laura Linney and Jason Bateman), are not dead, and they're not in jail at the end of Netflix's “Ozark” fourth and final season.

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Why did Ruth put Ben in a goat?

And Ruth loved that about him—and for doing all he could, Ben lost his life. He was never able to get that job, own that car, marry ruth, or live in a house that had goats. He'll spend eternity, now, instead, in that Goat cookie jar—and Ruth will always have a physical reminder of those broken dreams.

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What did Wendy put in the milk?

The episode ends with Wendy visiting the Byrdes' old house in Chicago. She finds her old spare key hiding spot and goes into the house. She makes a bed… Then drinks a beer from the fridge… and puts food coloring in their milk and turns their family photo upside down on the wall.

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Did Erin kiss Jonah?

Jonah gets a crush on Erin, Helen Pierce's daughter, when she comes to town. At first she ignores Jonah but eventually she kisses him.

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Did Jonah shoot Mel or Wendy?

While we may never see the aftermath of the conclusive gunshot (please give us a Season 5 or a movie), it's no surprise who was on the unfortunate end of it. Trash your fan theories; Jonah Byrde shot Mel Sattem.

How was Ben Davis killed in Ozark? (2023)
How many times does Ruth say the F word in Ozark?

We hear the f-word 44 times with most instances coming from Ruth. We also hear the s-word five times and the c-word one time. In addition, “d–n,” “b–ch,” “d–k” and “a–” are used on multiple occasions. We hear one use of “h—.” God's name is misused nine times, and Jesus' name is inappropriately used once.

Does Jonah forgive Wendy?

It's an echo of the monologue in the car from his last episode, but somehow even more painful. “You think she'd be proud of me now?” he asks about Wendy even as she's the one who sent him to his impending death. He should be furious at Wendy, but he has nothing but forgiveness for her.

Does Ben Davis come back?

Although Wendy tried to go on the run with him, she soon noticed his mental health had worsened and exposed his location to Helen, who sent her henchman to kill him in season three. This is why viewers were shocked to see Ben make a comeback in episode 10.

What happens to Maya in Ozark?

Maya was blackballed by the FBI after deciding to arrest Navarro and ruin the deal – but she survives the season, at least.

What happens to Sam in Ozark?

By the end, Sam seemed to have been doing much better, dealing with all the terrible things that happened to him through the seasons. He even decided to move to North Carolina to join the congregation there in hopes of finding a better life.

Did Wendy give up Ben Ozark?

In Netflix's Ozark, one of the most tragic deaths was that of Ben. Due to his bipolar issues, Wendy let the cartel kill her brother, because he would have spilled their secrets -- exemplified by him outing Helen's very shady lawyer deals to her daughter, Erin.

What did Wendy do to her brother?

Ben's death is believed to have been caused by his sister, Wendy. This is after she gave the green light to have her brother killed after he stopped taking his bipolar medication and risked exposing their family's involvement with the Navarro cartel.

Did Wendy turn Ben in?

Wendy painfully realised that he was too great a liability and would put her and her children at risk if allowed to stay alive, so she turned him over to Helen's assassin. RIP, Ben, who ended up as a pile of ashes cremated at the Byrde funeral home.

What did they do with Ben's body in Ozark?

In the end, Wendy brings Ben out to a diner along the highway, and leaves him alone; as she walks to her car, you see the hitman for the cartel enter the diner. The next episode, we see Marty disposing of his body in a crematorium. RIP Ben, you were too pure for this world.

Does Wendy get Ben killed?

(To catch up: Wendy had Ben killed in Season 3, when it became clear he posed a risk of exposing her family.) Mel holds a goat-shaped jar containing Ben's ashes and tells the Byrdes he has all the DNA evidence he needs to send them to prison.

Does Wendy get pregnant in Ozark?

The final scenes reveal the life-and-death stakes of all of this, starting with Wendy being pregnant during the accident that opened the episode, cycling back to the theme of fate. And then Louis gets fired in front of Marty and Bruce.

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