Does Max become a wizard? (2023)

Does Max become a full wizard?

Max was the only one of the Russo Trio to not keep their powers, as Alex became the Russo Family Wizard and Justin became the new Headmaster of Wiz Tech thus gaining Full Wizarding Abilities.

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Who becomes the full wizard?

Alex wins and gains full wizardry; Justin becomes a full wizard as well when Professor Crumbs reveals he is retiring as headmaster of WizTech and passes the position to Justin. Jerry also decides to pass down the Waverly Sub Station to Max one day since he is the only child who is not a wizard anymore.

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Does Max still have his powers Wizards of Waverly Place?

Alex wins the family wizard competition and is awarded full magic powers, while Justin is allowed to retain his abilities when he assumes the role of headmaster at WizTech, a boarding school for young wizards-in-training. Max loses his powers and is set to become the new manager of the family's sandwich shop instead.

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Does Max become a boy again?

At the end of the episode, Max tells Crumbs about how Alex and Justin turned him into a little girl. Crumbs replies that they turned him into a little boy but that the two managed to reverse it, which makes them splendid, and leaves.

Why did they replace Max with Maxine?

Maxine Russo was an alter-ego of Max Russo that was created when Alex and Justin crossed spells and created and transformed Max into a little girl. The cover-up story the Russo's came up with to explain Maxine's existence is that Maxine is their cousin from North Dakota.

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Does Max marry Penelope?

Penelope then explains she and Max love each other very much and they are deeply committed to each other but they're never getting married.

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Who ended up the family wizard?

The series finale revealed Alex Russo to be the winner of the Wizards Cup, and therefore, the family wizard, but when the storyline was first introduced, Selena thought Max, played by Jake T. Austin, should win. Jake had a more neutral approach, and thought that no one should win. 13.

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Why can there only be 1 Family Wizard?

The Wizard Competition is a magical battle between wizarding siblings to decide who will become the Family Wizard (Full Wizard). The reason why there's a Wizard Competition is because only one wizarding sibling that is becoming the Family Wizard must be proved to be worthy and responsible with his/her powers.

Does Alex keep her powers?

She and Justin are the only two of the Russo Trio to keep their powers, with Alex becoming the family wizard and Justin becoming the new Headmaster of Wiz Tech.

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How long does Max stay as Maxine?

Maxine Roberta Rose "Max" Russo is Max as a female. This happened when Alex and Justin crossed spells and made Max a little girl. She is there for only 7 episodes though.

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Is Theresa a wizard?

Unlike her children, she is a mortal and Jerry gave up his powers so he could be with her. However, all three of her children still inherited his magic abilities.

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Who does Justin end up with?

After Justin, Alex, and Max destroy Gorog, Juliet and Justin finally reunite. In the finale, Juliet attends the family wizard competition and cheers for Justin to win. Once he emerges first she tells him how proud she is of him.

Does Max become a wizard? (2023)
Do Max and Fang have babies?

Hawk a.k.a. Phoenix is the daughter of Maximum Ride and Fang. She was born towards the end of Maximum Ride Forever.

What episode does Max get pregnant?

The L Word, Season 6, Episode 4: After being patronized by Jenny, Max vent's to Billie.

Does Max ever become a villain?

Portrayed by

Maximus "Max" Octavius Thunderman is one of the main protagonists of the original series The Thundermans. He is a superhero whose superpowers include Telekinesis, Heat Breath, and Freeze Breath. After years of aspiring to become a super-villain, he eventually chose to become a superhero.

How did the Wizards of Waverly Place end?

Justin gets back together Juliet after Gorog made her young again. In the final episode, Alex, Justin, and Max do the wizard competition, and despite Justin winning, Alex and Justin both become wizards, and Max inherits the sub shop.

Who keeps their powers in Wizards of Waverly Place?

One such case is Justin Russo, who was allowed to keep his powers despite losing his competition to his sister Alex, as he became the head of WizTech to replace Professor Crumbs. Stevie also walked out of her family's Wizard Competition, which allowed her to keep her powers.

Will there be a Wizards of Waverly Place reboot?

“Nothing has happened yet, but there's a lot of talk,” Henrie told Access. “We all talk about it for fun … Everyone would be down, but it's just a matter of time I think.”

Why did Max and Penelope break up?

She went to school, to become a nurse practitioner. That's where she met Max, her new boyfriend. She eventually breaks up with him, since he said he wanted kids. Penelope didn't, and couldn't take that away from him.

Who ended up with Penelope?

The pair marry, but have to deal with Cressida Cowper's threats to expose Penelope as Lady Whistledown. Instead, Colin proudly announces the revelation himself, leading to praise from the ton, while saving her reputation, and the pair live happily ever after in wedded bliss.

What happens at the end of Max?

At the last moment, Max runs by the bridge to save Justin. Tyler aims his gun at Max, only for Justin to kick him from underneath, giving Max a chance to pounce on Tyler and push him off the bridge to his death. Emilio is arrested, and the family is back together again safely.

Does Alex find out that Stevie is a wizard?

Harper was able to regain her memory of the event in the lunchroom at the beginning of "Third Wheel", and informed Alex that Stevie is, in fact, a wizard.

Why did Alex and Justin get kicked out of the wizard competition?

Alex quits the wizard competition because she and Justin were sent back to level one after "exposing" wizardry in "Alex Tells the World" leaving Max the most expected to become the family wizard.

Is Jerry the family wizard?

Jerry Russo is Theresa's husband, and father to Justin, Alex and Max. Born a wizard and having possessed magic powers as a child, he won the family wizard competition, but gave them to his brother, Kelbo Russo, in order to marry Theresa, a mortal.

Do both parents have to pay for family wizard?

Once you sign up, we'll reach out to your co-parent with the information they need to get started and activate their subscription. You will each need to have your own subscriptions, but you are able to pay for your co-parent if you'd like.

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